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CV is the first impression you can make on a potential employer. Professionally written CV makes 70% of your success at pursuit of your dream job.


  • CV should have a correct format and contain relevant and updated information.

  • It is very important to use right key-words to describe your talents, skills and experience, making it easy to read.

  • Employers pay attention to additional information about you, so mentioning your soft skills is as important as writing your hard skills

  • When writing your job experience make sure to indicate the latest one as the first in list – in a reverse chronological order.

  • Try to be brief and concise when describing your roles at previous position, avoid colloquial language.

  • Pay more attention to your recent roles, providing more detailed information there.

  • The positions and experience that is no longer relevant should be less profound. 

  • Use professional fonts, try to keep it simple.

  • Make sure your CV has right kerning and spaces.

  • Divide information to make it better to comprehend. 

  • Hobbies and interests should also be filled, as most of employers seek for an individual, not only a set of skills.

Our professionals work with CVs every day. They know the formulas for successful CVs, provide suitable formatting according to the area of your career. 

You can order our CV-writing services that will be tailored individually to you, highlighting your strengths, admiring your experience and showing your talents in a most competent way. In order to suit your preferences, we have developed three levels of CV-writing service, so you will certainly find the set of services that fits you.


Job interviewing never seems to get any easier even when you have gone through more interviews that you can count.


You always meet new people, have to introduce yourself and your knowledge & skills. That's why job interview is an important part of the recruitment process. You have to stay positive, enthusiastic and calm.


There are some ways to make an interview less stressful. Just4banks Consultancy can give you some professional advice on how to behave during the interview process.


These instructions will save your time on researching different sources. Use them and apply for the job of your dream!

  • Review common interview questions and prepare your answers. Go over your CV.

  • Find out as much as possible about your employer, hiring manager and job prospects to feel more informed and confident.

  • Dress for success, look neat and professional.

  • Pack up some extra copies of your CV, career portfolio or samples of your work.

  • Arrive on time, stay calm and don't forget to smile.

  • Make good first impression, be polite.

  • Prepare on all aspects of the future role and business.

  • Make eye contact and don't forget about the importance of body language.

  • Be authentic, focused, candid and concise.

  • Ask insightful questions.

  • Thank interviewers, always remember about courtesy.

If you have the telephone interview, here are some guidelines to be prepared:

  • Take it as seriously as in person job interview.

  • Concentrate and cut out all distractions.

  • Listen closely and don't interrupt the interviewer.

  • If the time isn't convenient for you, suggest another one if possible.

  • Maintain confident voice and speak clearly.

  • Show interest, ask questions and make notes.

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